"SIGNING BELOW ACKNOWLEDGES THAT ANY SPECIAL-ORDER PARTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND CANNOT BE CANCELED AFTER APPROVAL. All equipment checked in will be assessed a $25.00 bench fee. Prolific Technologies is not liable for any damage to original display panels or digitizers as a result of disassembly and reassembly. Prolific Technologies is not liable for any loss of data and the Customer is responsible for any backups prior to services provided. Prolific Technologies retains interest in all property until the total sale price is paid in full. All equipment not picked up after 90 days shall be considered abandoned and will be recycled at Prolific Technologies’ discretion. Warranties parts & labor for defects in materials & workmanship only. Warranty does not cover misuse, neglect or random occurrences. Motherboards, Hard Drives & CPUs not installed by a certified professional must be warrantied through the manufacturer. Software is non-returnable. 30-day return policy must be returned within 7 days to avoid a 20% restocking fee. 7-day warranty & no refunds on all special-order items. All payments are due upon receipt of invoice unless specified otherwise. Collection fees will be the responsibility of the consumer."

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